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Tutor Spotlight

Carl Cummings 

Carl has just joined our team this year.  A a veteran he brings much teaching experience to us.  He is working with two students at this time and is very successful.  He is an expert at preparing young people for the ASVAB,  test for the military.  He is also an excellent math tutor and is always willing to take on more and more.  We were lucky to locate Mr Cummings and to have him join our family.  

utor SpotLight  Corina Leist 

Corina is a tutor at the Literacy Council, she works on Saturdays and offers both reading and math tutoring.  She has been at this almost a year and loves seeing the growth in her students.  One in particular is ready to take his HISET test and she is as nervous as him.  When you tutorin it becomes more than teaching, you build friendships and take responsibility for the success of someone else, Corina says.  It is both daunting and exciting.  Thanks to the Literacy council I earned my HISET and am now helping others to earn theirs. 

“Tutor Spotlight: Shayna Marose

Featuring tutors at the Literacy Council is exciting.  Shayna Marose is a tutor at the Literacy Council. She graduated from Buffalo High School in 2002. Her mother motivated here to start tutoring at the Leclede Literacy Council. Her Mother had dyslexia and went to the Springfield Council for tutoring.  Because of this experience Shayna wanted to give back and help people.
She just cold called the Literacy Council Office and asked how she could help. She had to complete some training in order to become a tutor. You can make a cold call yourself and help at the Council.  She is an excellant tutor.  I hope to be a journalist and she is helping me learn to write.

Kelsey Reese.

Tutor Spotlight: James Gieniec

​            James Gieniec, age fifty, just recently became a tutor for the Laclede Literacy Council. Gieniec applied after seeing an article from the Council in the newspaper. He has just began tutoring his first students.
            Gieniec has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Engineering Administration and was an engineer in the army for twenty-six years. He has considered pursuing a career in teaching, and becoming a tutor seemed like the first step in this path. Gieniec states, "I want to work on my interpersonal skills on a lower level." 
             "You see someone who really wants to better themselves, and you just want to give them a hand. We've all been there," says Gieniec. He is looking forward to helping many students reach their goals.
             Gieniec is currently tutoring two students skills such as math, reading, and spelling. After he has wet his feet a litte, Gieniec may take up more students and expand his tutoring subjects.

Tutor Spotlight: Jane Weaver

            Jane Weaver, age fifty-two, has been tutoring for the past ten years at the Lebanon-Laclede Library. She currently tutors three days a week and is tutoring six students.
            Weaver has an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education and teaches her students in areas such as reading and spelling. She is most proud of a student who came to her unable to read or write. But after several years of tutoring, her student is now capable of performing such actions.
            Being a tutor is no easy task. Weaver explains how both students and tutors must be up to the task. Sometimes, a student may not want to be there, but you have to encourage them and continue to be there for them.
            Weaver shared that one of her former students tried to to study for the HiSet test with her and decided higher was a better route.  He returned to school and graduated.  Months later she saw that student and he told her how she had changed his life. He is now living a productive life with a family and a steady job. He came to thank her for all the help she gave him.
            Weaver works hard to help her students, but she values the service she is giving them. She states, “I enjoy making a difference in their lives.” Sometimes a student does not notice the difference Weaver is making, but when they do, she is immensely satisfied in the work she has done.
             Anyone wishing to help others as Weaver does can visit the Laclede Literacy Council to sign up as a tutor.

Tutor Spotlight: Mike Groom

          Monday through Friday you’ll find Mike Groom, age sixty-seven, tutoring at the Laclede Literacy Council in the Lebanon-Laclede Library. Groom tutors students of all ages, so they can pass tests such as the HiSET (high school equivalency test), ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), and ACT (American College Testing).
          Groom has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration and is currently retired. He has been tutoring for six years and says, “As long as I’m capable of helping people I’ll go on tutoring.” Groom values tutoring students because “it opens opportunities for them they wouldn’t have otherwise.” Groom's efforts are evident, as he was Volunteer of the Year 2015-2016.
         Such opportunities are valuable now that it has become increasingly difficult to find a job if you lack a high school equivalent diploma. Groom has helped many students pass the HiSET test and receive such diploma. One student of his was placed in line for and assistant manager position after he received his HiSET diploma.
         These tests, however, are not a simple task. Groom works diligently with his students until they are capable of passing. He typically tutors a student one hour a week for -- on average -- six months. Sometimes, Groom tutors a student longer because he has to adjust to each student’s learning ability. 
          While most tutors prefer one or two students, Groom is currently tutoring nine. “You have to enjoy it,” he states, and it is quite evident that he does. The Laclede Literacy Council is always looking for new tutors. If you wish to be a tutor, inquire at the Lebanon-Laclede Library.