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Student writings
One of the things that you can practice at the Laclede Literacy Council is writing.
Learn to write and share ideas is a powerful tool.
This page will feature student writings.

​Writing for the HiSet is an important part of the test

​Here is one student's offering the questions was 

​Therapy Dogs should be allowed in school. Children ma feel more safe with a therapy dog at school.  Having dogs at school will scare away intruders.  the dogs could be trained to sniff out drugs and bombs.  They could guard the schools so intruders cant come in without anyones knowledge.  The therap dogs will help   kids emotionally.  Children would be able t talk to the dogs without fear of being judged.  The dogs wont tell anyone what theya re being told, so kids will feel safe talking to them about anything.  Kids will be less stessed

Community Spotlights

Steve Nebblelink   from Alien Graphics by Kelsey Reese.
Steve Nibblelink is the owner and operator of Alien Graphics. He says my wife , Angela, motivated me at the age of 45 to start me own business. I started my shop in 1998 and have been a professional graphic designer since.
My favorite thing about owning my own business is I do not have to ask my boss for off work.
Unless you can survive on nothing for 2 years don't start open you own business.  This advise from Nibblelink makes me laugh.