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The council is growing and growing beyond all belief.  We have three full time members and 6 great part time members.  We are serving 72 students at this time and over 400 this year.  We are planning our4th graduation ceremony in November and may have up to 15 graduates.  As we grow we use more and more materials more and more books and help more and more people.

  1. Types of Tutoring Available
    We offer confidential tutoring for many topics such as basic literacy, ACT, HiSET (formerly GED), ASVAB, financial literacy, citizenship, and English as a second language. Tutoring is available to students of all ages and is held at the Lebanon-Laclede Library. All tutoring we offer comes at no cost to you.
  2. Train Volunteers
    All of our services are provided by volunteers. You can become a volunteer and help someone else reach their dreams. Tutoring rooms available in the library All materials provided Training required to ensure you are successful All questions can be answered daily at the office To sign up today Call 417-532-6697 Email [email protected]
  3. Each One Teach One
    Each student will be given a one-on-one assessment to find the student's strengths and those strengths will be built upon to address any weaknesses found. Each participant receives confidential tutoring one on one with a well-trained volunteer. The council adheres to the Each One Teach One Model of Dr. Laubach and this one on one method is great for many students. Each student can pick a time for tutoring. All materials are supplied.
  4. Proctor Tests
    We can proctor all types of tests. This is the only service that has a fee. That fee is $25.00. We give the USPS exam University and online exams Business exams and training exams Call for an appointment today 417-532-6697

Carol Barsby, Director
Phone (417 ) 532-6697

   Upcoming Events
April 5  Celebrity Waiter’s Dinner
April 20  Third Thursday Slim Chickens 
May 7  Annual Board Meeting 

Celebrity Waiters’ Dinner
Our annual theme for Pro Literacy and AmeriCorps this year is “Getting Things Done”  in Ozarkian we might say “Git-R- Done” either way the idea and message for the year is the same; regardless of the problem the guiding concept of our tutors, volunteers, and students is the same “Let’s Get it Done.
 The Literacy Council volunteers are working diligently to help new citizens in our communities, new readers no matter their stage in life and new learners no matter the subject. Students are meeting their goals at an astonishingly fast pace and we believe we are “Getting Things Done.”.
This year the theme will take us to our southern roots and we ask our celebrities to think about costumes and table decorations which might fit your business and our theme.  We will be introducing celebrities and allowing them to introduce their guests in any way they see fit:  a song, a skit, or a poem is just a few ways that may come to mind. Call the Laclede Literacy Council at 417-532-6697 to buy your tickets; they are going fast! $200 a table or individual seats for $25.

Slim Chickens
Third Thursday Dining
When you mention Laclede Literacy Council at the front when you order, Slim Chickens will donate 20% of the price of your meal to the Laclede Literacy Council. This will be on March 21st all day long. All you have to do is say that you are there to support the Literacy Council. We really appreciate all the support we can get. All money raised goes to help buy book, supplies, and materials needed by students and tutors.

March Board Meeting
The next board meeting of the Laclede Literacy Council will be on March 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM in the library board room.  The meeting will be jam packed with talk of future events, recognizing a new president, and viewing the new 2018-2019 AmeriCorps Grant. 
This quarter’s dining to donate events will be the third Thursday of each month at Slim Chickens from 10 AM to close. Mary Anthony’s Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner will be held at the St Francis De Sales Family Center from 5-7 On March 17th.  The celebrity waiter’s dinner tickets are available now and I would love it if each board member would try to sell at least two tables.  Remember that each table is $200.00, but our fundraising depends on the tips from each table to make the event successful.
 The AmeriCorps 2018-2019 grant is for $90,000 again and was submitted on March 15.  The Council did receive a $2000.00 contribution from Laclede Electric trust this month.   Thanks to all who work to support the council.
We are so appreciative of the work that Stephanie did for the council and hope her future support will bloom as a board member.  She is leaving the council assignment as president after a very successful two year term.  Cricket Staggs will be the new president of the council, he has many new ideas to keep the council running smoothly.  All other officers will remain the same. The council does have one open board spot, if you can help us make the council a better place to be, think about contributing as a board member.
Century 21 Prestige gives pledge to the Council
Cricket Staggs is donating $50.00 to the Laclede Literacy Council for each house he sells in the county.  These donations will go to assure that no student misses tutoring because they cannot get to the library.  Helping with cab rides will make a difference for many students. Thanks! Thank! Thanks!

​AmeriCorps Members Serve Here

The Laclede Literacy Council has been approved for an AmeriCorps grant which will be a great benefit to our entire community. With the new grant Laclede Literacy Council will continue to have all of our normal volunteers and have the opportunity for 2 full time service members and 6 part time service members.  These members will serve as tutors and work alongside experienced tutors to fill the needs of our students.
These tutors will also serve many hours in the community completing service projects.  If you might be interested in serving please contact Carol at

Call 417 532 6697
These are the names of are americorps members
Penny Coleman
Angie Bowman
Corin Liest
Rochel Cortright
Nathen Cortright
Jane Weaver

Pro-Literacy Report

Every year we tally all our accomplishments and look deep into our programming and find our strengths and weaknesses as an organization.  Below please find some of the numbers and statistics we used for that self-assessment.

Current year                                        
                                                       2016-2017                         2017-2018                    Change

Current Tutors                                               40                        38                                      +2   

Active tutor hours                                        2589                       2515                                  +75
25 active volunteers hold graduate degrees
Retention rate                                               94%                       80%                                 +14%

Current Students                                           235                        224                                   +9
Basic literacy                                                   67                        14                                     +49
ESOL                                                              17                         16                                    +1
Hi/SET/GED                                                151                        140                                   +11
Full time employees                                         77                         48                                    +29 
Retention rate                                               71%                        58%                                  +1

Outcome and Achievements
Better employment                                         27                          15                                      +13
Improved employability                                103
Received HiSet                                               23                          7                                        +16
Entered Higher Ed                                         10
Improved score on individualized test             40
Advanced levels in curriculum series              51
Obtained citizenship                                         4

Students who have met at least one goal       167

  Several conclusions can be drawn from this material,  we see an increase in students who achieved substantial goals and we see the hard work tutors have fostered in completing those goals.  THANK YOU TO ALL

We hope to increase the number of students served as well and increase the number of major goal achievement such as:  HiSET, employment, higher  education enrollment. When I look at my contribution I have some areas that I am pledging to do better at this year.  I would like to make closer connections to the community and business entities.  I would like to increase fundraising just as we have been able to increase grant monies. I would like to be able to greet each and every tutor and student weekly and continue to build positive attitudes and self-esteem of all who enter here. I pledge to continue self-reflection and to grow as long as I have the honor of serving here.            

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Literacy Council Year
​Please turn in your reports on time