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  1. Managing Director
    Individual assessment will prepare each student to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Following assessment, a plan will be developed to prepare the student to pass the High School Equivalency Exam.
  2. Managing Director
    At The Laclede Literacy Counsil each adult will be assessed either in literacy, writing and math to find their skill base. With Each-One-Teach-One Tutor Model adults are then giving one-on-one instruction either in reading, writing and math at their current levels. Each student chooses an available time to meet at the library with their assigned tutor to work on required skills to be successful.
  3. Managing Director
    While working with The Laclede Literacy Counsil youths, teenagers and adults can use basic literacy skills to maintain the well-being of all families, with the possibility of personal growth. Each-One-Teach-One Academic Tutoring helps with either home school assistance, preparing for the ACT exam, ASVAB or the HiSet exam contribute to all forms of family literacy. Visit us at The Lebanon Library and see what we can do for you today.
  4. Managing Director
    The Laclede Literacy Council believes Family Literacy goes beyond reading and writing, it involves the welfare of families as well. Each-One-Teach-One tutoring provides training on creating resumes, filling out job applications, and learning the basic information to be successful in supporting your family.

Basic Literacy

Test Preparation

Family Literacy

Laclede Literacy Council Mission  

The LLC is a council designed to assist adults and their families to acquire literacy skills through professionally trained and managed volunteer tutors. We are committed to:

1.  Increasing literacy for adults and their families;

2.  Effectively utilizing and supporting volunteers in the delivery of services

3. Providing resources, training, and technical assistance related to the various aspects of literacy;

4.  Utilizing the Each One Teach One method of tutoring.

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